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Who are we?

Simple. A team that has worked with its clients since 2002 to improve their management, using Oracle ERPs: Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud.

Why does our team work so well?

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 SPECIALIZATION We are specialists in Oracle ERP, and have been an Oracle Partner Gold since 2006. We have no doubt in our minds that a company focused on Oracle ERP – in this increasingly more specialised world – needs the very best experts in this ERP to provide top quality service.
 EXPERIENCE In complex environments, junior consultants require several years of learning before they can ensure that their performance is guaranteed top quality. To offer the highest-level work, The Auride team is made up EXCLUSIVELY of consultants with over 10 years of experience with Oracle ERP.
 TALENT We retain talent. Because we keep our employees highly motivated, we have extremely low turnover, in a sector in which people tend to change often.
 COMMITMENT The satisfaction of our entire team makes everyone deeply committed to both the company and our clients.
 MOTIVATION A motivated team is more productive and more efficient.

#RECONCILIATION: We have implemented the tools that we believe are key to reconciliation: teleworking and schedule flexibility.
#TELEWORKING: Teleworking has been one of our core beliefs at Auride since it was founded.
We started to implement teleworking in 2002 on occasion and kept expanding it until 2011, at which 100% of our staff had started to enjoy teleworking.
#FLEXIBILITY: Auride believes that flextime is essential to be able to balance personal, family and work lives.
#GOOD ATMOSPHERE: The key to a good working atmosphere is based on motivated employees, realistic planning and prioritising cooperation over personal success.
#PLANNING: Planning is not based on commercial commitments, but is instead done realistically, working closely with the members of the team in question. This means that all deadlines and milestones are met, avoiding overtime after the workday has ended.
#COOPERATION: Teamwork is promoted, along with sharing knowledge on particular successes.
#COMMUNICATION: We seek effective communication.
Communications within the group are primarily done via email.
Only strictly necessary and short meetings are organised, establishing the objectives in advance. This prevents any feeling that meetings are just a waste of time, which is so tiresome to teams.
#TRANSPARENCY: Auride shares its key information and data with all of its employees, given that it trusts all of them intrinsically.
#HIGH WAGES: Auride offers wage packages that are considerably higher than the market average.
#PROJECTS: More than 80% of our work is aimed at project execution with multidisciplinary teams. Every employee is involved in several of these projects at any given time.
We know that experience is not defined solely by years, but by the projects tackled and the specialists with whom they have shared knowledge.

What do we offer?

We feel comfortable working with Oracle-based solutions because we’ve got the experience and the tools, although we also like to try out other technologies.

We offer COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS that encompass management, functional and technical consulting and systems administration.

Implantations, Re-implantations and Migrations

Primarily from the financial, logistics, sales, projects and production modules.


We offer consultancy services based on our knowledge of business and in-depth knowledge of how the tool operates.

Vertical Solutions

We develop vertical solutions for our clients’ needs.

One-off adaptations

We work by our clients’ sides, not only on big projects, but also to assist them with their everyday needs, both small and big.


We also offer our clients any support they need that is functional, technical and related to systems administration.

Why do our clients choose us?

Our clients belong to a wide range of different sectors and, thus, their profiles and needs are diverse.

 HONESTY We design solutions under independence, economy, scalability and easy-maintenance criteria.
 INDEPENDENCE We have not taken on commercial obligations with any manufacturer, which ensures that we advise our clients completely freely and impartially.
 TRANSPARENCY We justify our estimates, detailing the cost of each task, so that clients are clear about how their investments will be employed.
 FLEXIBILITY We are fully aware that our clients’ main purpose is to undertake their production businesses and that they may not always have time to immediately handle our needs. We are also aware that the last requirements are taken when the project is in production.
 MEETINGS We respect our clients’ time and, thus, we only plan meetings that are strictly necessary, during which we outline the consistent solutions that we defined in advance, making it as easy as possible for them to make decisions.
 PLANNING Our commitments to deadlines and delivery dates are absolutely real commitments.
 GUARANTEE We are extremely proud of the quality of our work, which is why we guarantee it, even after the project has ended.
 QUALITY We work on what you see and what is not seen. We know that behind an attractive design, there must be a robust engine.
 FUTURE We make sure that today’s solution will still work tomorrow. And we are the parties most interested in this point, because our relations with our clients tend to last a long time.
 ECONOMY All of our hard work is aimed toward project success, streamlining our structure as much as possible, as well as other tasks (marketing, sales...).
 INFLUENCERS Our most important sales work consists of executing successful projects, as our clients are our very best influencers and opinion leaders.

Something else...

Some Clients

Agencia Pública Empresarial Sanitaria Hospital Alto Guadalquivir
Hospital Alto Guadalquivir, Hospital de Montilla, Hospital de Alta Resolución de Puente Genil, Hospital de Alta Resolución Sierra de Segura, Hospital de Alta Resolución de Alcaudete, Hospital de Alta Resolución Valle del Guadiato,Hospital de Alta Resolución de Alcalá la Real,Hospital de Alta Resolución de Cazorla.
San Juan de Dios
HSJD - Aljarafe, HSJD - Córdoba, HSJD - Sevilla, HSJD - Tenerife, HSR - Granada, RSJD - Antequera, RSJD - Granada, RSJD - Sevilla, CACOSJD - Málaga, CASJD - Málaga,CEE - La Paz,CEE Las Palmas,CEE San Juan de Dios Ciempozuelos,CNSP - Madrid,CSJD - Alcalá,CSJD - Ciempozuelos,CSJD - Las Palmas,CSOC - Misericordia,EENF - Aljarafe, EENF - Ciempozuelos, ...
Fundación San Pablo CEU
Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU, Fundació Privada Universitat Abat Oliba CEU, Fundación San Pablo Castilla y León CEU, ...
Grupo Megasa Siderúrgica S.L.
Megasa Siderúrgica, Megamalla, Megasider Zaragoza, SN Maia, SN Seixal, SN Transformados, Ecometais, ...
Maxam Nort America INC., Maxam Outdoors, S.A., MaxamCorp Holding, S.L., MaxamCorp International, S.L., ...
Grupo Prosegur
Grupo Prosegur, Compañía de Seguridad, S.A., Prosegur España, S.L., Prosegur Gestión de Activos, S.L., Prosegur Global Alarmas, S.L.U., Prosegur Global SIS, S.L., Prosegur SIS España, S.L., ...
Empresa Municipal de Iniciativas y Actividades Empresariales de Málaga, S.A
Palacio de Feria y Congresos de Málaga (FYCMA), PROMALAGA.
Agro Sevilla
Agro Sevilla Aceitunas, S.C.A., A.S. Comercio y Servicios, S.A.

Examples of Solutions

#ERP integration with tax agencies:
+ SII: Module to automatically and completely integrate Oracle EBS with the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT), the Canary Islands Tax Agency (ATC) and other autonomous communities.
+ SILICIE: Module to automatically and completely integrate Oracle EBS with the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT) and other autonomous communities.
+ SAFT: Module to automatically and completely integrate Oracle EBS with the Portuguese, Polish and Angolan tax agencies.
+ DDA: Module to manage customs declarations of different deposits with customs officers.
#ERP adaptation at legal regulations:
+ NIIF 16: Module to manage the new accounting method for leases according to the IFRS 16 compliance standard.
+ Electronic invoicing: Tool to send and sign electronic invoices.
+ RECC: Oracle EBS adaptation to handle vendors under the ‘Special Cash Criterion System’.
+ Legal forms: Generation of the different legal forms.
#ADIs to make several maintenance tasks easier:
+ Masters (Customers, Vendors, Articles...)
+ Documents (Requests, Orders, Invoices...)
#Digitisation: Module to automatically log AP invoices from vendors’ invoices.
#Invoicing between companies: Module to generate invoices between companies, with a powerful rule engine based on files with a configurable structure and DB configurable queries.
#Records management: Module to handle records for public tenders to supervise and control commitments, work done and paid.
#Sales rebates: Module to manage sales rebates.
#Bank guarantees: Module to manage bank guarantees.
#Subsidies: Module to manage subsidies.
#Warehouse automation: Solution based on an application executed for industrial bar code readers for the online management of receipts, shipments, movements between warehouses and production order management.
#Logistics operator: Module to manage logistics operators.
#Travel management: Module to handle booking travel, integrated with the travel agency.
#Internal provisioning unit management (Requests)

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